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Medical Malpractice Mediation 101 Styles Before Trial- Opening Statement worth 1.9 Million Video

October 6, 2013

Stay tuned- There is a slight delay in my mandatory mediation but I’m working on it now in my ongoing effort at transparency…I may need to write another book, CHAPTER 13

Maybe I can interest and persuade the defendant and attorneys from Carlton Fields Tampa Office, to not only allow filming of my mandatory mediation before trial but to include  a release for public consumption after Trial and especially for local St. Pete College Students and Professors to use as a teaching aid, in the  Alternate Resolution Class. A local case like mine just might be valuable in helping them prepare for their continued  studies in the  Law Profession especially those going on to Stetson University.

Mediation Styles:

Mandatory Mediation  FYI-

Trial Opening Statement worth 1.9 Million WOW sample-

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