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ADVERSE Medical Incidents DISCOVERABILITY & Amendment 7 Patients Right to Know

September 17, 2013

Buyer Beware Hospital Compare

Well, well, well now isn’t it interesting updates have occurred in 2013…’s_Right_to_Know,_Amendment_7_(2004)
The voters in  Florida are granted rights to know the whole truth of their case up front but behind closed doors the opposite may be taking place. For example:

A hospital can join a PSO Patient Safety Organization in conjunction with the Patient Safety Quality Improvement Act PSQIA. In exchange for   willingly submitting their records and participating in a third party monitoring agency, showing an effort at improving patient safety and quality of care regarding their “PATIENT SAFETY PRODUCT”,  yes that’s right ‘product’ produced and sold, the information becomes totally privileged and NOT SUBJECT to discovery in any court, STATE, FEDERAL, LOCAL, Civil, CRIMINAL or ADMINISTRATIVE with total Constitutional PROTECTION?
WOW. How convenient for them!

Truth will prevail…

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