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Health CARE FRAUD & ABUSE and Medical Malpractice and Adverse ACTION REPORTS & The National Database…

September 8, 2013

A national database exists and was created to help PROTECT THE PUBLIC!

Apparently we need more protection than we realized when entering any health care facility.

 Is Data Bank information available to the public?No. The Data Bank is prohibited by law from disclosing information on a specific practitioner, provider, or supplier to the general public. However, there is statistical data available to the public that does not identify individuals. See About Statistical Data for more information. You may also request information in a form that does not identify any particular health care organization or practitioner for research purposes.Updated December 2010

NPDB Research Statistics-

The NPDB Research Statistics page shows the total number of NPDB Medical Malpractice Payment Reports (MMPRs) and Adverse Action Reports (AARs) for practitioners by state.

Data Analysis Tool

The Data Analysis Tool allows you to generate data sets for Adverse Action Report (AAR) and Medical Malpractice Payment Report (MMPR) data for the years 1990 through 2012.

Public Use Data File

The NPDB Public Use Data File contains information on specific variables taken from Adverse Action Reports and Medical Malpractice Payment Reports received by the NPDB on licensed health care practitioners, as well as information from reports of Medicare and Medicaid exclusion actions. This file is updated quarterly and is designed to provide data for statistical analysis only.

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