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OPEN Persecution & Shariah Style EXTORTION by Government!

February 19, 2013

A MAYOR By-passing the court?
City Of L.A. Targets Infowars Over “Illegally Posted Signs”
Mayor’s office tries to impose frivolous fine

Paul Joseph Watson
February 19, 2013

The City of Los Angeles is demanding payment from Infowars over the removal of “illegally posted signs” that were not produced by Infowars nor posted by any of its employees.

Here is a link to the real history of this country and WASHINGTON to help those who cannot fathom that voting for evil lawless criminals and pledging allegiance to an idol flag is IDOLATRY in the eyes of YHWH GOD and we are under JUDGMENT as a nation for such. WE THE PEOPLE are under direct attack and we are being taken into captivity by a lawless political consortium masquerading as our government being run by criminals. We are now the subjects of a totally broken and failed system of justice who is revealed by their openly fraudulent tyrannical intentions.

WASHINGTON is a false god and loyalty to this regime is contrary to FREEDOM.The real history of our founding as a nation was established in the same manner. By force not faith or loyality to all that is GOOD. You won’t find this information taught in government schools.

Separating from that which leads to death is not hate but a demonstration of faith and a willingness to lay ones own personal life down in service to others and obedience to the law of LOVE. Heralds of TRUTH and FREEDOM willingly pay the price to deliver that which brings life and peace and we do it hoping all would come to repentance before they are separated out by JUDGMENT. We are acting as mid-wives when we advocate the TRUTH and put our loyalty and TRUST in doing the righteous things commanded us to do. Faith in VOTING is not on any biblical approval list and there is no foundation on which to stand for it’s defense. It is only a doctrine of men that lends itself to forced conversion through mob consent. Voting was implemented to crucify Christ…

The masses have long been used to do the governmental dirty work for truely they do not know what they do! Faith without works of Righteousness are dead. Voting for liars(Change AGENTS) who come to steal, kill and destroy- is a good example. Add raising the flag of Washington and pledging your allegiance to it for a few decades and voila you have a godless nation whom no longer enjoys the protection of the real LawGiver of Life having turned to other gods. Why should he save this nation America?

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