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ATTORNEYS and JUDGES know the secret.

January 16, 2013


Collusion with fraudulent intent.

It is the reason COMMON LAW is subverted and “changed” for United Commercial Law that makes “merchandise of men,” and is CONTRARY to the COMMON LAW OF GOD.

We the people are nothing more to a corrupt government and a congress than interstate commerce and they have had secret power to legislate as they see fit and it is the real reason why these criminals continue within this hidden agenda of lawlessness seemingly unstoppable with endless legal/illegal PRESIDENTIAL and CORPORATE BANKSTER originating FEDERAL RESERVE decrees.

The deceptions we are being subject to and witness of,here and now on this planet is a plan of supernatural design and dimensions and is  being worked through lying signs and wonders of evil men. An evil orchestration. Understanding the double deceptions involves diligent study by those who have an unskakable devotion to the LOVE OF GOD. TRUTH.

The hidden NULLIFICATION OF THE CONSTITUTION and how it relates to the honest and brave sheriff’s standing up now  protecting it and our rights to uphold it are “doing the right thing in 2013, “regardless of executive lawless decrees by criminals and it is, a paradox problem for the criminal consortium in government. If they admit the Constitution was made null and void they EXPOSE themselves as LIARS and thieves convicting themselves by their own vain worthless words and works in evidence!

Americas Secret Destiny  by RALPH Epperson REMINDS US: “AMERICA means LAND OF THE SERPENT aka LUCIFER, SATAN, BAAL and many others through time… “The SUN GOD CREATES NOTHING”  like ALLAH begets not it is one of many Masonic parallel’s of Lawlessness and that has gone by many names of deception through the centuries and is currently causing a strong delusion in those who do not cling tightly to Truth nor seek for it with all their strength of mind, body and soul.

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