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Watchers like me saw this coming…Forced Microchips

January 1, 2013

Some of us Watchers saw this coming …’Forced’ Microchips Mark of the Beast

Interestingly as the story of the “little red hen” who could not find anyone to help her bake the bread, like me in my search for just one attorney who could easily help me, rewrite the Florida Constitutional Amendments ….I am reminded of just how short time is and everyone is running out of time to choose which side of the valley of decision they will stand and especially when it’s time to prepare the bread for consumption…

Just today this link was emailed to me from 2009, a very interesting year to bee sure..and I am posting it to see if one attorney will have the conviction of heart neccessary; to accept this little opportunity to take a stand and do the right thing.

We are many who are fully awake and able to see these things unfolding, having been made free by the knowledge of the Truth and we are ready, willing and ABLE to challenge this giant goliath beast system, with only our faith and our bodies as living sacrifices; we are  indwelt by the GREAT SPIRIT, that enables us to show up for the battle; it is He who will fight it and has already overcome and we need only stand by faith and go forward one step at a time.

Obamacare HR3200 or 3962 it matters not what they call it or “change” it too  incrementally. It is still their plan revealed for what it is; the total takeover and enslavement of all, both great and small on planet Earth. We are the spoils of the War in Heaven, unfolding before OUR very eyes in this last HOUR. All of this is recorded in the heavenly courts and I am of the opinion that time is short and running out, to have exploits added to your account.

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