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System FAILURE Orlando Sentinel Report Medical Boards- Agents of the STATE not reprimanding doctors??

January 1, 2013

Floridians. The statistics for this is especially high here. Why? Why is the state legislature talking about making ER doctors agenst of the state? Legally they would then enjoy the same quiet benefit they now seem to be benefitting from…Who is left to stand against this tyranny of incrementalism but you and I, one by one. Take a stand and a deeper look into these matters and follow the money trail they are so intent upon controlling. This little known practice makes it even more compelling to do your homework before choosing a doctor or hospital for your care. The state lawmakers certainly are not to be trusted to do their jobs.

32 states let more than half of the offending doctors go without any reprimand. Dr. Sidney Wolfe, an internist and director of Public Citizen’s Health Research Group and overseer of the study said, “Either state medical boards are receiving this disturbing information from hospitals but not acting upon it or, much less likely, they are not receiving the information at all. Something is broken and needs to be fixed.”

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