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Sentinel Events and Repealing Florida WRONGFULL DEATH ACT AND CAPS

January 1, 2013

It’s about time.

Failed Regulatory Collapse…Why do tort reformers ignore the failed disciplinary system that fosters deaths; allowing  Sentinel Events to occur that shouldn’t?

Shouldn’t tort “reform” aim to reform the mechanisms by which medical errors are caused?

“There is a crisis in medical malpractice, not lawsuits,” said Taylor Lincoln, research director for Public Citizen’s Congress Watch division and the author of the new study. “Trying to stop people from being compensated for catastrophic injuries is not the answer. We should instead concentrate on making hospitals safer and disciplining doctors who repeatedly commit malpractice.” References:


It’s Time to ‘really’ clean YOUR House Florida Legislature

Repeal the Florida Wrongful Death Act and all CAPS NOW!!

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