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Remembering My Herman. Herman the WARRIOR

January 1, 2013
Herman Krekic (Dec'd)Ret. Monroe County SheriffCaptain of my heart...

Herman Krekic (Dec’d)Ret. Monroe County Sheriff
Captain of my heart…

Remembering my husband Herman whose name means warrior… I wish the world had more men like him.

In the line of duty and when  asked the question as to why, “Officer Krekic, why  did you do such and such or what  is it or what was it, that helped you to determine your course of action, regarding the matter beeing heard today in this court room? ‘Mine’ my Herman would say, when testifying in front of a Judge or a jury,  “Well judge, It seemed like the right thing to do.”  There is no substitute for experience and doing the right thing is tried and True.

I am issuing forth the challenge to all people everywhere and especially to every court and politician in the land. Do the RIGHT-EOUS thing, in the matters at hand. I am not here to make the case or present all the evidence, as if it is a jury trial. I am here rendering my opinion and to take a stand for the Truth and Rightous application of law. Standing for the Truth, The whole Truth and nothing but Truth.

I am one woman standing and challenging each of you.

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