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January 1, 2013


I will not bow to Hospital and Healthcare decree HR 3200. Obama has declared WAR on us in the US as he sits on the throne of Washington DC the District of the Goddess Columbia which leads to the door way of death not life…

Daniel foretold of one to come …”changing” times and laws. OBAMACARE includes a little known or believed fact of planned forced compliance and I will not bow nor serve the ongoing enslavement agenda of mankind in the foretold, war in heaven being waged on Earth. I will not take their mark, microchip or forced unhealthy healthcare for it is a plan of death.

Remember their “bush” Bush Sr and Bush Jr. declared a new World Order and if you’re not for us your against us? They were prophesying for Allah the god of lawlessness as tares hidden in amongst us serving their skull and bones master of death. NOW what part of the following don’t you get and what side of this battle are you on?

What if they “try” to lock me up in one of their detention camps they have already prepared in advance for all of us, “chosen” ones, who are the sons of light and the faithful remnant and if they attempt to kill me by decapitation through their coming enforcement plans utilising the unlawful 7 decrees of noahide laws, think NDAA recently passed declaring us terrorists and is really in effect because; Islam has taken over the Federal MASONIC Govt. who serves and worships Allah?  Allah means ‘Lawlessness’ in Hebrew and Allah of Islam and the Quran decree, is against anyone who believes in the only begotten son of man, who came as God in the flesh to save us from this adversary of mankind that brings only death and we the people are, their target! Already judged by them as worthy of death, by their exposed current jihad and unlesswe the people continue to agree to pay special Islamic taxes disquised as income taxes.(Just in case you really want to know why the tax system is really another IRS scam a deception and another government sponsored, illegally operating entity.Attorneys have already proven it is an excise tax and we do not have a legal obligation to pay them.) Yahu-wah-shu-wah means Fathers Salvation,  HE came to make a way out of this crooked and perverse generation and cure us, of the incurrable wound, talked about in the old covenant scriptures, putting the LIFE he intended for us, back into our blood where it resides, as a deposit and promise, a mark of our redemption the real currency that is required to enter the ranks of the overcomers, while we are here working in the flesh. Our only duty here is to achieve this by our obedience to the WORD.  This is the MARK OF THE HIGH CALLING and the PRIZE to strive for and it is a free gift but it may cost you all you have to give in this mortal realm.  Allah and Islam decree that we, TRUTH FOLLOWERS are worthy of death as  infidels and is totally contrary to the God of the Bible with  biblical standards of LAW, establishing the RIGHT OF TRIAL, with at least two witnesses and a court trial by VERDICT.  The federal government  of the US has leaders masquerading as messengers of Truth and a Justice Department that is untrust worthy, that are total usurpers who are the tares crept in amongst us. They are the ones we were warned about and helping the enemy, causing the snare now come upon the whole world.  If you will, look for these Public laws hidden under EDUCATION or at the other website links below and study diligently you will find real history that will explain and fill in the gaps of your understanding. What, they have previously passed for laws in Congress and is kept “hidden openly in plain sight” deep, within the public records and congressional documents is well known by many of us. Bee advised, I fear not for if I fall, I will rise again. They cannot kill me, for I am born of the spirit from above and I am sealed.

This end time battle and HOUR / OUR  is really just our time to learn and choose, the Truth which makes men free and able to stand for the Truth, whole Truth and nothing but Truth. Our separation to and for the TRUTH, is all about the war in heaven ongoing and beeing waged NOW on earth in the physical realm for your soul and the possession of Earth itself. Earth is the promised land of the chosen ones who were place here in a special garden and they we are of the original natives, it was given too. It is our inheritance and our Abba will fight for us and I will continue to show up for the battles by faith, so when I show up in Florida, in my new white elk war shirt covering to proclaim my demand, to Repeal the Florida Wrongful Death Act and Caps and repeal Obamacare, let there bee no mis-understanding as to why, for my message is double edged.  I am glad this forced unhealthy decree, Obamacare plan of the Obama- nation that causes desolation  has been brought to my remembrance, for this OBAMACARE LEGISLATION also needs to be struck down and repealed, and added to the written Florida CONSTITUTIONAL  AMENDMENT Petition, to PROTECT THE CITIZENS of Florida by sending this illegal legislation;  back to the pit of the Abyss where it belongs and where it has originated from. Perhaps this can be the grass and the roots of a nation wide awakening for each and every citizen of this nation who thinks they are in the land of the free and home of the brave. Well are you free and and are you brave?

The WORD is alive and well in me and I know that, NO WEAPON FORGED AGAINST ME SHALL EVER PREVAIL FOR HE WHOM IS IN ME, IS GREATER THAN he whom is of this world. I have already layed down my physical life and been resurrected a new creature and I know my name of authority. The WORD is LIVING and active ….and there is no defense against the Truth which dispels darkness immediately. Who dares come against the Truth as I wield the sword of Righteousness? And who stands with me? And if you will not and can not stand with me or go into the battle with me,  where are you standing? Perfect LOVE = Obedience to the Word casts out and down, all fear of death.  Are you afraid of death? Are you born again of the spirit but not yet an overcomer? Stand firm and do exploits for the time is short and the decree has gone forth. March 23, 2013( Spring pagan solstice festival time 3 years later+2 days), as we watch the fema camps openly being staffed, having been made ready for us in advance and the slaughter they intend. A repeat of the first Trail of Tears and the taking of the LAND except this time you, my fellow citizen are, the natives of the land. Choose ye this day life for today is the day of your salvation.

Little,  ‘little’ g washington, who sits declaring himself as GOD of heaven and earth as creator and lawgiver and re-manufactured Pharoah of Egypt; using the spells of witchcraft and causing the ongoing rebellion deception within mankind, has but a short time left for ruling over us, as he sits  upon his throne in the US capital dome. He is only god of the door- way that leads to death. Washington was and is the most worshipful master of free masonry which does not lead to FREEDOM but to death, for the 32nd and 33rd degree oaths reveal worship is to Allah god of lawlessness and Lucifer. ( This also explains why there seems to be no real JUSTICE in the the Courts of this land especially at the FEDERAL Level and in Florida there is actually a voice called JAIL FOR JUDGES taking a courageous stand!

OUR YHWH is the DOOR and Way that leads to LIFE. He defeated death in the flesh and OPENED it for us especially here in the US and HE did not leave us as orphans or forsake those of us who LOVE HIM and he showed by example how to repent and be healed of our incurrable wound. He shows MERCY TO those who  Choose HIM for He is OUR life and our faith in Him, not OBAMACARE. If you will, look at the simple meanings of his names he reveals his real intentions and short term hour of authority …yes time is short and today is the hour of salvation. Choose LIFE. I am tired of repeating myself and I will not strive much longer with man-kind nor will our ABBA.

OBAMACARE just say NO! They declared war on us here in the US, on March 21, 2010 the Spring pagan idolatry day for worshipping the creation more than the creator,  sun-god of war in heaven and and the fallen angels deception holy set apart day, of new beginnings causing the masses to commit the sin of witchcraft which is RE Bel lion worship of a false god.

I say, “The internment  Fema Camps they have prepared for us will be used for them” and they will all die in their holes in the rocks and underground cities they have prepared and hewn as their idols of salvation for the coming end of the age…stand firm all, our Abba has already overcome this world time and end of the age for HE IS ALL IN ALL AND the Alpha and Omega…a profound mystery of One whose WAYS are higher than ours and past finding out yet HE is our PEACE(governmental peace and the only way out is by FAITH in HIM and HIS salvation power.) We who counted worthy shall escape all these things.

Barak Hussein Muhammad Obama The Crooked Serpent?

Barak = lightening flash (short lived light sometimes appears as falling and sometimes from east to west)

Hussein = handsome prominent royal Islamic name

Mohammed= praised glorified one

Obama= crooked, zig zag

A short lived flash of lightening a beautiful(light) descended, who is praised as a glorified one who is crooked and bent and cannot be straitened…(also making his own PATH-WAY)

so now we know…*Update Nov 2nd Daylight Savings Time “Change” The boy’s name Barry \b(ar)-ry\, also used as girl’s name Barry, is pronounced BARE-ee. It is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and its meaning is “fairhaired“. Anglicised form of the Irish Gaelic name Barra, from Bairre (Old Irish), a short form of “fionnbharr“, meaning “fairhaired” (see Finbar). Also possibly from Bearach (Irish, Gaelic) “spear; sharp, pointed“.

The King of “Change” Barry Barak Hussein Muhammed Obama Barry = Spear Barak= lightening flash (short lived light sometimes appears as falling and sometimes from east to west)Hussein= handsome prominent royal Islamic nameMohammed= praised glorified oneObama= crooked, zig zag

On top of all other charges against him, he started with a NAME CHANGE from: The spear who became a lightening flash of royal Islamic authority who is a praised and glorified ONE who is crooked and zig zagging like a serpent.

Below are links with evidence, to drive the nail into place… LOOK AND SEE what they do! Abominations calling evil good and can and will be used against you, us here in the USA.

Judge Napolitano: Final Word on the Last Episode of Freedom Watch [14-Feb-12 © FoxBusiness]

I say what if? A rogue godless Govt decreed a law for your pre-determined death by Euthanasia….

New Weapon To Use Against American Citizens. Mini Drone with Taser, Grenade Launcher, And Shotgun!!

Perry Stone Pastor and The Cherokee Link to the End Time Outpouring: a helpful basic course of milk delivered by a mis-informed pastor who still has not had the second touch by the True Master of Life, still not able to see the hard truth about Washington or the flag idol that it is. His little expose in the Truth about the Native American ORIGINAL 13 TRIBES leaves off many of the facts especially the comparison to the number 13, one of the favorite numbers of Masons…but what is Truth you ask? I say, Seek and you shall find.

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