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New YORK STATE ATTORNEY and Vaccination Case Specialist Attorney, Patti Finn

January 1, 2013

New YORK STATE ATTORNEY and Vaccination Case Specialist Attorney, Patti Finn

Standing Firm and Fearless for the TRUTH and Doing the Right Thing, Speaking Out, on State House Steps- Leads to Persecution and so it begins… – She asks, “Is mass vaccination really the way to protect?” She still beleives in the government but if she knew a little more about the real history I am sure she would see it a little differently…She has a website where I tried to call her today. Her phone is disconnected! What could that mean?

New York demands Patricia Finn surrender her list of clients and she is refusing based on RIGHT EOUS Law. She is willing to go to jail for the Truth and her loyalty to her clients, who courageously stand on the true side of rightousness and exercising their “freedom” of choice regarding “forced healthcare,” that so many of us know is not healthy at all!
Those of us who know the Truth and are willing to stand for it are a threat, to those in high places of power and they seek to persecute those who dare oppose. Clear evidence of the Obamacare plan tactics underway and a preview of what is being implemented and planned for all of us. Wake up America.
This outside on the front steps speaking directly to “We the People” no matter how small a group, is probably more beneficial in the long run if even one person comes to see the issues for what they are. To draw attention to these types of subjects and make more people aware of the truth of the matter is the most important thing. Why even bother to go inside and speak directly to the lawless rebellious lawmakers, who break their own laws and who continually refuse to, “Do the right thing…”
I stand with her and all who fearlessly do the right thing for themselves, their fellow man and GOD the righteous Lawgiver.
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