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Injuries and Symptoms of Tyrants in High Places of Power

January 1, 2013


OUR real FEDERAL RIGHT ‘z ‘ as THE PEOPLE of the United States.

In the event that Americans find themselves at odds with their government, the Declaration tells us:“… That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their Safety and Happiness.” “Because regardless whether it comes from one tyrant in London or 3,000 tyrants in Washington, D.C., tyranny – in all its forms – must be passionately fought until it is defeated.” Excerpt: “How much of Washington’s activity is “just” when you consider that Article Ten of the Bill of Rights states that the Federal government only has the power to do what is enumerated in the Constitution. It is telling to mention that a bill has been introduced in each Congress since 1995, stating only that Congress cite where the Constitution grants them the enumerated power to enact each piece of legislation. Rather than leaving the American people to wonder if any legislation was constitutional, we could see the article, section, and clause that grants Congress the authority. As simple and necessary as that sounds, no session of Congress has allowed that bill to reach a vote. If Congress was operating within their authority, wouldn’t it make sense that they would want to prove that they were doing so?” End Excerpt.

If you look at the evidence and apply this understanding to the bigger picture of each issue being orchestrated, it becomes clear that the Govt. of Washington, was and  is, all about forced compliance, to the will of the governmental god, George Washington. He has been declared  as God and ruler over mankind, as his likeness and graven image looks down from above , sitting in his Capitol House Dome of Islamic design, in his own captured temple of the law, presiding from his man made, throne of power through sitting presidents which he won in a battle of rebellion and conquest, at his beginning, in the District of Columbia, created ( as sovereign nation) while waging war in heaven upon Earth. Look up and you will begin to see the real message delivered, in the mural; renamed the Apotheosis of Washington.

I am challenging the Florida House to do the “right” thing and PROTECT it’s citizens and visitors, specifically when it comes to their health care in Florida Institutions and to immediately repeal the Florida Wrongful Death Act and CAPS and any Federal mandate of forced compliance regarding Health Care of any kind issued forth from Washington, D.C., Congress or any other foreign or domestic organization that poses a threat to it’s citizens.  KISS This one sentence is simple enough for it to reach the actual ballot without challenge don’t you think and simple enough for the legislators to get the message but will they hear it and do it?

Regarding Florida Amendment 9: If Amendment 9, (currently removed from the FLORIDA ballot and on appeal) is really the GOP Legislature’s answer to the health care bill passed by the Democratic Congress and it’s statement of; standing for the rights of Floridians, “Why has it been submitted in such a broad sense and format that was sure to elicit an opposing challenge?” If passed,  It would prohibit the state from participating in any health insurance exchange that compels people to buy insurance. And  prohibit laws or rules from compelling any person, employer, or health care provider to participate in any health care system.

Florida Legislature’s proposed constitutional amendments keep getting bounced off the ballot

By Mary Ellen Klas, Times/Herald Tallahassee Bureau Mary Ellen KlasTampa Bay Times In Print: Wednesday, August 4, 2010 Article Link:

And this article by Lee Logan es-florida-legislature-backed-health-care-amendment-off-ballot/1111880

I ask, will the next Governor of Florida, the Attorney General, past attorney general or any current politician in either house, really be willing to try and do anything significant to go against the current federal governmental machine that is clearly deaf to the rights of citizens or states and is like a Trojan horse releasing more weapons of destruction tearing down our freedoms not protecting them. Political agendas, sitting judges in a court system exhibit and provide all the evidence we need, to arrive at informed convictions and conclusions of what is really going on and why.

I ask; will the Florida Board of Medicine who is charged with Health Care Oversight, or the Health Committee and Sub Committee do anything additional to help insure public health and safety to insure the policies and performance of it’s state health care? Will the Governor even take the time to notify them of my publicly posted on this website letter or will my letter only be passed on to the next state agency for a record file, as just another statistic for the system. Who will really help to oppose this giant system of laws without logic and righteous rule of law in revealing the real core issues and attempt to rectify the situation of medical malpractice and sentinel events occurring in Florida, besides the medical malpractice attorneys, who invest their time and  their own money in the established legal system in cases that merit the attention, due to obvious issues easily discovered? Limiting the awards, especially in easily provable cases, does nothing to motivate health care providers to insure consistent quality care, but large awards do in any industry or business. The Florida Wrongful Death Act with Caps does not serve or protect anyone but the health care providers who have the resources to invest and monitor and insure high quality and consistency through their own investments  in their own facility operations, if they choose too, especially in known areas of concern. Fiduciary loss potentials motivate changes for improvement.

I am not waiting until the Federal government decides to start mandating who lives and who dies within their emerging system of  total enslavement and forced compliance, to their every dictate and dictatorial executive order issued.  Amendment 9 may or may not be just a sophisticated  political exercise, in an election year by a former politician to get votes, and voters for a candidate and party, using the platform to create the appearance of, ‘standing for citizens rights  and PROTECTION against the Federal Govt.  The real question at the heart of the matter remains the same, What is truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and can it really be arrived at, in a Florida or Federal courtroom?

Decide for yourself what the current court challenge, regarding amendment 9 really is or what agenda will it serve and notice it has some shocking rhetoric attached to it publicly available, originally Posted 11:11 am ET November 14, 2011.  What is really going on in this country and it’s court system and why is obvious to those who can look past the surface presentation: Take a look at   featuring the challenge by, Bill-MCCollum- and decide for yoursel,f what the real objective is. In my opinion, it seems to be more a battle shaping up and manifesting as, a judges opinion and the propagation of the, “Right of Congress Theory,” as if that is a viable and acceptable authority to override the choice of the individual, especially where it concerns medical care choices. I am of the opinion it is more of a display of tele-vision programming or like  the subversive psychological manipulation of public consciousness in advertising and the open display of an unholy marriage of communistic, dictatorial and democratic motives. Is it just another governmental mind control operation being instituted and aided, by a compromised and complicit judicial system with many compartmentalized actors playing their roles or taking their orders from an unseen source directing it all?  Is it another  sophisticated attempt at keeping the public notion alive, that righteous rule of law is still functioning with reliability, at all levels of the court system here in the U.S. In my opinion, it’s more like a show of hand revealing a sophisticated web of secret societies, operating within the halls of justice, military and many other public private entities, through cleverly compartmentalized organizations with members, who are really serving agendas they may or may not fully comprehend, just taking their orders and directives and in some cases choosing the keeping of their secret 7th degree Masonic oaths, to each other first, whether right or wrong.  The adversary of man is more cunning than most can consider and the plan that is unfolding is from a long time ago and now producing the fruit we see today which is rotten on the vine. Consider this Video and article originally Posted 11:11 am ET November 14, 2011 that is worthy for educational purposes and serious consideration; of just what is really going on in this country and why.

If there is one of me, there are 7,000 of me and if 7,000 of us, very likely there are at least 700,000 in the State of Florida who understand that, “we the people,”  are not being protected but are under a very sophisticated direct assault by those who sit in high places and are serving another agenda not seen or understood by most. Getting a constitutional petition signed with 700,000 signatures will be indicative of, a clear interest of a majority but is not enough to change, a beast system or stop it from devouring the simple, but it is enough to wake the people up to the Truth of the matters at hand, so they can decide for themselves who is like unto God and who will be their God? Will they serve the doctrines of men and Washington or the real GOD and author of life, for sooner or later we all must choose. Who  will you choose and Whom, will you give power of life and death over you or the people of Florida under your jurisdiction? Is it the most high YHWH or a revived roman empire masquerading as a democracy operating within our midst by those sitting in high places of power as tares serving their god and most Worshipful Master George Washington? They were not recognized for what and who they were from the very beginning by most and it is the same now, at the very end, as we see our country coming to desolation and ruin. These are perilous times foretold to come and it is clearly a time, when there are not many who are ready or willing to REALLY STAND in the GAP against the corrupt system currently in place and so here I am standing before you all. It may appear that I am alone, but I know that I never really go anywhere alone and He who is with me is far greater than any adversary who comes against me or the Truth.

I have conjoined all my stands for TRUTH, as they all lead to the same place when seeking out the truth and foundational reasons; why it is that, things are the way they are and need real change and repentance, now.

I am coming soon dressed in white…Messenger Deborah Krekic
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