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THE JUDICIARY ROLE, incremental legislation and the servants of the God of Government explained…

November 10, 2012

Larry Klayman– former Justice Department prosecutor and the founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch. “WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE FORCE” Larry Klayman is a former Justice Department prosecutor and the founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch  Summary-“Apart from the destructive actions of the legislative and executive branches of government, the judiciary has played a substantial role as well in bringing the nation to its knees and enslaving us to the “god of government.” Judges, who are either put in place through political patronage – that is by politicians – or elected through contributions by special interests, have become the yes men of the establishment governmental elite of the other two branches. In effect, these “kangaroo courts” do the dirty work for other government officials to keep the people down and in their “place.” The judicial minions, as I will call them, are even worse than their masters, as they seek to legitimize the corrupt and destructive actions of those who put them in power.”

Readers Please note:
Larry has been publicly and personally invited by email by me,  to JOIN  my Dec 25th, 2012 FREEDOM USA CAMPAIGN 2012-2013 appearance, in Tampa Florida, at Noon. I will be in front of the Federal Courthouse with a sign and it is the place, where I will be giving away the  first LIMITED edition of my new book, ” WARRIORS – BATTLE IN THE GATE – TRUTH on Trial”.
 I will be demonstrating my GOD GIVEN RIGHT to FREEDOM of SPEECH and FREEDOM of Assembly.
I am peacefully and lawfully separating from  this United Nations Federal Government consort  and the outright, takeover of common law.  A power, that is being enabled by unlawful judiciary and political legislative tyranny clearly evidenced, at every level. I have already come to the sane and logical conclusion, that we must move outside this failed system of corrupt courts full of traitors and those  serving “the  false god of Washington instead of FREEDOM and the God who makes us so. Wake up America it’s time to choose whom you will revere as God.
I will continue to use all of my God-given rights. I am separating from this lawlessness, revealing it and REVERSING it and together we are restoring the breach in the wall, one brick at a time held together by FAITH. I am standing on a firm foundation. Justice and Righteousness.  Where will you be standing on Dec 25th, 2012?
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