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Att: Teaching Hospitals Re: Truth Telling DOCTORS and Evidence Based L-Arginine Cardiac Cure

September 9, 2012

Reference: Lindsay Williams U-Tube  ‘SECRETS of  the Elite’ –

This video explains many things that may seem unrelated on the surface, at first, but as you peel away the layers the inter-related connections, are revealed for what they are- a giant multilevel conspiracy of treason against the TRUTH.

Insider trading by those who are supposed to be protecting us and providing us with peace and safety, are not doing their jobs in serving “We the people.” Watch and learn how these same tactics can be applied to the healthcare industry. It is not a big leap to consider  how the same abuses of power can and are occurring in the current  hierarchical and  departmentalised, healthcare system. A system that is politically charged and that is failing to honor, the Constitutional balance demanded by, true scales of Justice  administered by  trustworthy men, able to stand firm, with an unshakeable conviction to the Truth for all. IT IS TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE IN FLORIDA AND AMERICA of those who do not stand for Truth and JUSTICE. NOW. We the people who are not deceived, are NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE.

This video also features several doctors including one Nobel Peace Prize Scientist regarding the nitric oxide discovery and the connection to heart disease and cure, in 1998! John P. Cooke, MD PHD-“The Cardio Vascular Cure.”

Reversing Heart Disease at the 2:45 mark is Dr. Joe Pendergrast book reference to , “Reversing Heart Disease.”

Marcia Angell, MD Harvard Medical School and Editor of New England Journal of Medicine on “The Truth about the Drug Companies.” She is quoted as saying, How we are deceived and what to do about it.

This video teaches about FRAUD in the Securities and Exchange “Commission” and how Congressional members or legislators can personally profit from insider knowledge due to the fact that there are loopholes in the written law regarding FRAUD. The whole scheme is revealed and it is not too big a leap for those who are in form D about the evidence based truths, at the root of  the whole system of western medicine.

The Healthcare System Controversy is, all about the the Truth versus the lies and liars who propagage them, in and by, incremental legislative specious rules, laws and enactments with agent of the state immunity status.  Extrapolating this out to the point where Truth is legislated instead of evidence based, it is in reality the making the government into a GOD, with the power of life or death. Once you see the plan in one area it is revealed in another. I say WOE to those who call evil for GOOD.

Drug companies and Hospitals have much to benefit by a system stacked in their favor and all those who have stakes in them. The root of the VACCINATION  controversy also has MANY EVIDENCE based doctors and professionals, who are publishing the facts and blowing the whistle on what is really in them. They are doing the right thing. Vaccinations, are very likely, at the root of many onset diseases which may soon be proven, as root cause factors.

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