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Healthcare in the U.S. A Criminal Consortium

September 9, 2012


Healthcare in the U.S.  A Criminal Consortium

Anti- Constitutional Conspiracy and Collusion

‘Form’ of Insider Trading?

A variant form of  healthcare  insider trading using non public accessible information? 

It appears that the justice system has incrementally been compromised, favoring the banking sector and corporate entities. Decisions may be rendered rejecting essential requirements of law, that include evidence based factual findings. Litigants rights, such as NO Benefit to plaintiff in medical malpractice cases, allowing doctors to carry a minimum amount of insurance protecting them, and their fiduciary stakes with Florida Wrongful Death Act-caps and not holding the plaintiff’s right to trial inviolate, by the  ongoing institution of the Florida Wrongful Death Act.  Other states are repealing this unjustifiable miscarriage of justice. How long will it take Florida Legislators to stand up and “Do the Right Thing?”

It’s  way past time for the Florida Legislature  to repeal and reverse the injustice and  anti-constitutional decisions that were instituted based on this Act based on perceived projections of cost savings and fear of a doctor exodus, that never materialized .

Favoring the corporate sector  that is behind walls and layers of departmental administration and a willful continuance of rejecting essential requirements of law, that include evidence based factual findings is: A disguised form of, multi-level industry wide, insider trading to benefit suppliers of products and healthcare services, delivered via- Banking Legislation, Healthcare Legislation Regulations, Rules and Judicial  I.O.L.T.A. “activity and operations.”

Evidence Base: Revealing the truth:

  • There has not been a real doctor exodus from Florida, one of  the most profitable states to operate in.
  • No provable insurance impact- ONLY about 5% of  Medical Malpractice cases actually go to trial court.
  • Insurance premiums did not lower with Florida Wrongful Death Act.

I am standing on the long road to justice waiting for, JUSTICE to PREVAIL. I am not alone.


Court Upholds Cornell Med School Fraud Decision


“Doing the Right Thing.”

September 8, 2012 “Thirteen years is a long time to wait for justice to prevail. But in the end, it feels good knowing that you stood up and did the right thing.” Dr. Feldman was represented by Michael Salmanson and Scott Goldshaw, of the two attorney firm Salmanson Goldshaw, PC in Philadelphia. Said Mr. Salmanson, “We are gratified by the opinion of the Court of Appeals, especially in its adoption of our position on damages. We hope that this is a potent reminder to those entrusted with federal taxpayer dollars that if they don’t use the money as intended, they will face serious consequences. We are proud to have represented Dr. Feldman over the past decade, and admire his integrity and courage in standing up to a powerful institution.”

FYI– FlORIDA Constructive Fraud-

Constructive fraud occurs when a duty under a confidential or fiduciary relationship has been abused or where an unconscionable advantage has been taken. Constructive fraud may be based on a misrepresentation or concealment, or the fraud may consist of taking an improper advantage of the fiduciary relationship at the expense of the confiding party.” Levy v. Levy, 862 So.2d 48, 53 (Fla. 3d DCA 2003) (citations omitted). “A constructive fraud is deemed to exist where a duty under a confidential or fiduciary relationship has been abused.” Allie v. Ionata, 466 So.2d 1108, 1110 (Fla. 5th DCA 1985). Florida courts have recognized that constructive fraud may exist independently of an intent to defraud

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