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Amendment 7 Patients & Clients- RIGHT TO KNOW

September 8, 2012

Telephone, Telegraph and TELL an ATTORNEY…

I am  NOT GOING TO  quietly, cower or cover up the co-dependency of the conspiracy of silence against the TRUTH. I am shouting it from the roof tops for all who have ears to hear. Inquiring minds want to know the Truth, WHOLE Truth and nothing but TRUTH, So HELP US GOD!


I will not stop till I get what I desire. I will have all I ask and demand, the desire of my heart, TRUTH.

Florida Patient’s Right to Know, Amendment 7 (2004)’s_Right_to_Know,_Amendment_7_Current Florida law restricts information available to patients related to investigations of adverse medical incidents, such as medical malpractice. This amendment would give patients the right to review, upon request, records of health care facilities’ or providers’ adverse medical incidents, including those which could cause injury or death. Provides that patients’ identities should not be disclosed.(2004)

Miami News I-Team: Ignoring Patients’ Right To Know

May 23, 2011 10:52 AM Excerpt- ““The intent of the law was to give people access to their own health care records so that they could take action to protect their interests in the future,” said Dr. Jay Wolfson, a medical ethicist and professor at the University of South Florida in Tampa. “The (Florida) Supreme Court, in its wisdom said, the people of Florida have spoken and said we want this open and transparent.”Open and transparent records, so that you, the customer know about adverse medical incidents at hospitals anywhere in the state.”

Floridians- Hospitals are not above the law or the Constitutional Rights of it’s clients. They are revealed as law breakers and as they seek to investigate me and my character and truthfulness and testimony, I assure you I have and will continue to find much more of “special interest” to you the people of whom, I AM ONE.  Deborah Krekic PR Herman Krekic.

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