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September 2, 2012
Attn: Hillsborough County Barr Association
c/o  Lawyer Referrals
       Lupe Vazquez Mitcham
       Phone:  813- 221-7783
September 2, 2012
OPEN LETTER Is there one Hillsborough County Attorney who will stand with me?
Tyranny is not on holiday and neither am I. Inspired by the Miami Florida Law Firm indicated.

REAL PATRIOTS INCLUDE ATTORNEYS WHO TAKE A PUBLIC STAND – against the “conspiracy of silence.” Specious actions-having a false look of truth or genuineness

Yes Stuart it’s time…


     I am shopping for an attorney to help repeal IOLTA- a very tall order which if I even get a reply from anyone will be a small miracle. I need an attorney for a Case against IOLTA which is nothing more than legalized extortion instituted incrementally by forced conversion with collusion under duress.
     Attorneys and clients  both are victims and it’s time they stood up with us clients, to reveal this practice along with all the others allowing justice to be swept under the rug, at the expense of citizens in favor of corporations who are exploiting us to the death.  I.O.L.T.A. is a specious example of Truth cast down with justice.
     I am currently in litigation in Tampa, for medical malpractice as, the PR for my deceased husband. It has come to my attention recently, that I am forced to participate in IOLTA, just as Florida Attorney’s are also ‘forced’ and under duress, by forced conversion through a history of incremental legislation by degree to administer this scheme. It started out as voluntary and like many other programs that are specious and many other illegal tactics that are UNCONSTITUTIONAL.
     Are you interested in helping me forward this message? I am one lone woman taking on the US, Fl Bar, ABA, State Supreme Court and any Legislators and any who stand for this UNCONSTITUTIONAL practice, as I add this recent discovery of IOLTA to my, “Do the Right Thing Campaign 2012-2013.
     I intend everyone in Tampa, Sarasota and Florida will know what all these issues represent.
Slavery by a government and legislators in collusion with agendas contrary to oaths to protect us, who do not have Constitutional or just principals as their foundation and are instead, those whom we all need protection from, as this country slides into total tyranny by federal govt. illegal decree, one right after another.
     Will anyone from Hillsborough County Bar stand in the gap with me? Our children will be asking why we all didn’t do more to protect them, if we don’t at least try to do something to change the wrongs and reveal those who perpetrate them.
     I need to know how much this type of litigation would cost.
Please be advised,
      I am anti-Mason and have publicly revealed the reasons why, most people can’t figure out how we got in this situation in this country. Secret society allegiance by oaths, to fellow members over oaths to the offices they hold and duties to defend the Constitution and us individually as well as US corporately.
It’s too bad the American people have forgotten, we used to have an anti-mason party, started up here where I currently reside, holding back the tide of dishonest dealings behind closed door agenda’s, contrary to Truth and Justice for which it STANDS. There is NO Defense against TRUTH and the injustice pervading the very fabric of OUR lives.
I am Deborah Krekic
Rochester, New York
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