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September 1, 2012



How did such a well-funded but effectively clandestine,

BANKING operation

– The Lawyers Trust Accounts Program,

Establish itself, without the consent or knowledge of the donors??


It was originally a voluntary program by choice. It has been instituted through “Incremental legislation, by “FORCE.”

        Forced Conversion is specious, UNCONSTITUTIONAL LEGISLATION – having a false look of truth or genuineness.

I am challenging the Florida Bar, American Bar Association and all Legislators and Courts, revealing this ROBBERY.

I say, If they want to fund the indigent or any other Constitutional special interests, let them DONATE Their TIME and PROFITS, from their OWN FEES.

The IOLTA Program: The Invisible Hand

Cassandra Chrones Moore

Cassandra Chrones Moore is an adjunct scholar with the
Competitive Enterprise Institute and writes
frequently on regulatory issues.

“Over the next two or three years more than $1 billion will funnel into a subterranean network for the support of liberal and progressive causes-without the consent or knowledge of the donors. The Interest on Lawyers’ Trust Accounts program, commonly known as IOLTA, began in Florida in 1978. The program requires or permits attorneys to pool temporarily certain client trust accounts, specifically those of a “nominal” or “short-term” nature. The income earned from those pools is then diverted, ostensibly to provide legal services for the poor.”

 “However questionable the use of clients’ funds to advance a sociopolitical agenda may be, the IOLTA program publicizes its services and guards its prerogatives jealously. Attempts to restrict the uses of the funds have come under steady attack, coupled with ridicule.”


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  1. September 1, 2012 3:11 pm

    And it was all started in FLORIDA! Well,Well, Well. NOW. Now accounts for IOLTA LAWYERS TRUSTS Accounts set up for their clients, FORCEFULLY FUNDED by the property of their clients, who effectually become SLAVES to the system of LEGALIZED Extortion- benefitting the BAR ASSOCIATIONS…is more like it wouldn’t you agree America? Collusion and criminal activity instituted by incremental legislation decree by degree. Specious- having a false look of truth or genuineness seems to be the trend toward treason and tyranny.


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