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Florida Wrongful Death Act and Caps- are a form of forced government.

August 9, 2012

FLORIDA WRONGFUL DEATH ACT AND CAPS “Caps” refers to the monetary ceiling that the government has determined, is the value of a human life, especially offensive, in the context of medical malpractice sentinel event deaths, within the health care system.”

Forida’s Wrongful Death Act and Caps is legislation enacted by, overreaching politicians. Abolishing the right to trial by jury and NOT holding it inviolate, while casting down the established safeguards held sacred to the law, within the Constitution of States. It is a form of deceptive legislative intent, by forced conversion, through incremental lawless decree, by degree.
Medical mal practice is a scourge in Florida and it’s high time, the few remaining judges who are courageous and still loyal to their first love of the truth and justice, stand up and “do the right thing.”  It is our right and duty to abolish all such laws that are contrary to the oath of office. There are still a few judges in this country who will do so.  Florida politicians and judges are now on trial, in the court of public opinion.
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