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Fighting the “GOOD” Fight in Service-Duty to GOD and Country

August 3, 2012

My Herman the warrior used to say,”I’ll not be ashamed when I STAND before God.”

He stood on the foundation of the 10 Commandments of YHWH. He knew all his works. 17 years on night patrol. Evils unspeakable and he confronted them all fearlessly. Staying awake when others could not or would not between midnight and sunrise.

Sometimes duty to God and that creed of loyalty, interferes with the personal family life, of the enlisted active duty husband or wife. This is understood by those in any military who are, “in service.” God and Country in that order, becomes God and family to those of us, enlisted by choice in the heavenly host. We are the salt of the Earth a standing army in place here, on Earth as called out and chosen vessels of honor. We are standing firm.

We are all under technical surveilance, by this ancient old world order- currently aka NWO.  I say so what! “They” don’t know all the secrets and I know the secret of how temporal technolgy is. It is the profaning of all that is good and is a house divided. It will not stand much longer.

Be of good cheer for we are under surveilance by a much higher power than “they.”  It IS a place prepared in advance for US to be, from another time, in a higher heavenly realm, where our true citizenship awaits us-  being held in escrow and on deposit for us. Christ has overcome this world and death. He is coming back soon for all of us who stand firm till the end. Our reedeemer lives in me and that is the inspiration I have been given to share with you today.

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