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Wrongful Death Act Caps are UNCONSTITUTIONAL in Georgia Supreme Court- Time to REVERSE Unlawful Decrees that are NULL and Void of NO FORCE-updated

July 27, 2012

Atlanta Oculoplastic v Nestlehutt et al March 22, 2010

“The trial court held that the statute violates the Georgia Constitution by encroaching on the right to a jury trial the government separation of powers, and the right to equal protection. Based on our review of the record and the applicable law, we find that the noneconomc damage caps in OCGA & 51-13-1 VIOLATE the constitutional right to trial by jury and we therefore affirm.”

“The Court has no more constitutional authority in civil cases than in criminal cases to

disregard current law or to treat similarly situated litigants differently.”

Ref **227 ld. (quoting Friffith, 479 U.S at 322-323, 107 S. Ct. 708)

Wake up Floridians- It’s time to see what’s going on in Florida Legislature! They tried to lower the caps which have not been increased in 24 years and make ER doctors Agents of the State automatically immune from prosecution. What quality of care do you really think will exist when all hospital doctors are immune from medical malpractice as Agents of the State? Better check the HOSPITAL COMPARE website first, before checking into any of these places for treatment.

UPDATE August 3, 2012 12:18 am

“For Christ’s SAKE!” America. “do the right thing.” Just say. NO. “NO MORE WAR Washington.” Lawless politicians who violate their own laws, have no YAH given authority over us. Revere our Saviour and pray you be counted worthy to escape all these things coming upon Earth. Faith without works is dead. What is being recorded in the books about your works? Choose those things that are eternal and will pass through the temporal realm, which is passing away.

The domestic enemy and the infiltraitors know, their time is short. They are angry and loyal only to their god of greed and to their secret oaths taken behind closed doors. Allah’s servants of lawlessness include the Mason’s. 7th degree oath, arc angel messengers working together, to help eachother, whether they be right or wrong. Most low level Mason’s don’t even know about the  higher degrees and oaths to ALLAH- god of many names, a god of lawlessness and forced conversion, through land conquest, fighting US for total control and conquest of Earth, by subversion and deception with a change to Islamic law! They are recognized by their rotten fruit destroying the nations  and are now fully exposed, revealed by their own devices and outrageous displays of arrogance and lawlessness,  INVADING every area of our lives. It is the last showdown battle against those who stand for YHWH-Law and those who stand for Allah-Shariah Law- the law that condones lying and stealing and killing thosee Allah considers infidels, like me.

I say, Their days are numbered. “It is written.” I am standing in the gap sounding the final warning. America.

“NDAA will not stand and Florida Wrongful Death Act will be repealed.

I am one lone woman standing in the gap.

Unconstitutional laws are wholly void and have no force and effect from the date it was enacted. Caps validity is NOT assured.” per Supreme Court of Ga. March 22, 2010 ATLANTA OCULOPLASTIC SURGERY, P.C. v. NESTLEHUTT et al

I will be taking special interest in monitoring the next FLORIDA Legislative session and reporting who is fighting to lower these already low caps and eliminate all fiduciary responsibility by making hospital doctors ‘agents of the state’ and totally immune from medical malpractice prosecution! Nothing is staying hidden as those things in the dark are expelled by the light that dissipates it.

How do you like that Floridians?Know this, other governors from other states are standing in the gap, protecting the CONSTITUTIONAL LAWS of their state and holding them inviolate.

Upholding the laws and keeping them as sacred safeguards, for their citizens. Governmental legal precedence within the state and guarding from encroachment from the Federal Government, put in place hundreds of years ago. Judges and Legislators who DO THEIR JOB and are not derelict of duty are, Repealing and RESTORING the breaches, not making it easier for those they are under oath to protect, to be assaulted by incremental legislation with intent. Agendas put fully in place by domestic enemies that crept in unawares .

What’s YOUR Governor doing about all this? Florida. STAY TUNED!

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  1. WORDWarriorDeb permalink
    August 3, 2012 12:18 am

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