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URE System FAILed to save at every turn… Mine will prevail, in the end…

July 14, 2012


Hello World,

N.O.I Update

Any system of legal force or otherwise, that comes against me with ERRORS shall be revealed and RESISTED especially concerning the details.

Speaking of Failing Systems:

In NOVEMBER 2012 the IRS sent a letter to my address, to a dead man, my deceased husband, Herman with my name on it just below his, as if I was still married and had a spouse,  notifying me that HERMAN KREKIC my DECEASED HUSBAND has been the victim of IDENTITY THEFT and that they received more than one final return for 2010. I knew this was the start of what I knew would come as more harassment from an entity that has been proven to be fraudulent and operating under color of law for decades.  I don’t recall having received the overpayment from them for the final return I sent them for Herman.

DECEMBER 2012 I am in receipt of another IRS communication addressed to the same dead man also with my name attached stating I owe them thousands of dollars, as if we were still ONE flesh as recognised by common law and Gods law. I have opted out of their IRS system as a FREE Sovereign who knows the TRUTH, personally. Truth resides in me as the Spirit of the Father God and Son. The same Spirit that leads me and guides me into all TRUTH, just as it is written in the New Covenant. The IRS is a form of harassment that I do not plan to respond to. ERRORS upon ERRORS in a fallen failed system of control that clearly is BROKEN. I also opted out of the RADIATION Scan at the airport recently and I feel so much better knowing, I RESISTED THE TYRANNY and forced slow kill of the TSA. Any system of legal force or otherwise, that comes against me with ERRORS shall be revealed and RESISTED. I may post more and scan more documents to show how outrageous and ridiculous these systems are become and that those who run them cannot even figure out or operate them as I seem to be facing opponents from all directions, who wish to challenge my integrity. I expect to come out of all these momentary trials ahead of the game. Stay tuned.

Original Art
Birds of Paradise PARADISE
All Rights Retained by Deborah Krekic

Orig Birds Purple hueB

I repeat:

Go ahead crucify me. I won’t stay down… I plead the 5th. The end has been revealed to me from, the beginning. The HEBREW God YAHU-WAH-Shu-Wah reveals things to his prophets ahead of time…7 meanings each letter a perfect reversal of this world system, which is running left to right.

THE HAND THAT DESTROYS THE ESTABLISHMENT of the Eye. This is a profound revelation and mystery being worked in vessels of mortal flesh like me.

History records the hand on the wall that declared, “Thy kingdom is found wanting, in the balances of justice…”

Numbers, Words and Symbols are Culturaly Relevant in Media-

Double Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise

I am woman hear me roar.

The battle was won in Mercy-row Park.

It’s always darkest before dawn in Mersereau Park.

The place where birds of paradise fly, away up high.

It’s a still small voice, can you hear the roar.

I’ve seen the end from the beginning, in Mercy-row Park.

Double the max, by the hand of the Spirit.

They can’t kill me the bee, tee hee, tee hee.

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