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Paradox of the overcome and Ashes to Ashes- Revelations and Discovery…”

July 12, 2012

I am guilty of releasing ashes into lake of the shining waters… I will not recant my testimony to avoid prosecution or persecution to avoid the snare.

The paradox of the overcome is, They are the enduring overcomers. the bearers of the perfect promise. A 23 reversal of time and laws changed. SOON to be evidenced, within the saints.  The inheritance and legally sought change of time during the restoration of the breach in the Righteous Law of the King of Kings.  We shall be changed from dust to star dust, released from this mortal flesh.

What is Truth?  Today, in this day and age where Truth is continually cast down and trampled upon? Remember, ” TOMORROW, Tomorrow. There’s always, Tomorrow. It’s only a day away!

A perfect 3.

“Don’t ask don’t tell is repealed, now. but not for long. Time is short the way I see it from this judges bench.


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