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National Masonic Conspiracy- FORCED CONVERSION of Mankinds DNA

May 2, 2012

FREEDOM USA Take Down the Idol Banner of Washington vs Freedom Tower National Masonic Conspiracy- from wiki Pen Name TAXIL, aka Marie Joseph Gabriel Antoine Jogand-Pagès-“The Secret Loves of Pope Pius IX.” and  “Humanum Genus”, that said, the human race was “separated into two diverse and opposite parts, The one is the kingdom of God on earth, namely, the true Church of Jesus Christ… The other is the kingdom of Satan…” LUCIFER War in heaven Good vs Evil. Strange Fire. The Pledge of your allegiance to the idol banner Flag of GW Lucifer, is Idolatry to a false god. This is a galactic battle of LIFE vs Death. America. The Flag of the United States is a Spiritual Weapon deceiving the world. Pledging allegiance to it is, taking an oath and  being born again into his beast kingdom. It is a plague and a curse upon the unsuspecting. The Number 23 =1/2 of mankinds chromosomes. There is a secret significance of pledging your allegiance to Lucifer George Washington, The Most Worshipful Master of the Universe.  Lucifer is a false god, leading you along the way, where truth is cast down, to a place prepared in advance for you to be. Death. Welcome to his, NWO Government, of peace and in-security, on the broad road leading to destruction. The Flag of the United States represents  13 stripes. 7 Red/ blood +7 white/Spirit =13.  13 meaning REBELLION and 13 meaning a NEW BIRTH  of a NEW CONSTELLATION formed by the NWO lawless rebels!  As above so below, a Masonic War in Heaven with you. America as the slaves. A new constellation was and is their stated goal. Declared in the Our Flag Congressional Book. There are only 12 known constellations in this galaxy. Not 13, even though a “new” constellation called by the name, Ophiuchus “serpent-bearer” has been said to exist.  Men and stars are inter-related. Stars above, men below. There  were only 12 known apostles recorded, not 13.  Washington is not our God or our Messiah. He is a rebel 13. A number which can represent both rebirth and rebellion. Wake up. America.

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