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Risk Management

April 25, 2012

What order of priority does patient HUMAN safety rank at the hospital in question under your review? Is it number 1?


Market share

Human safety

Product liability

Regulatory liability


Expert witnesse’s follow ISO 31000 principles of risk management:

Do you know what they are? Risk Management Principles and Guidelines –

Is the hospital following it’s own risk management policies in a  systematic and structured way? Is it transparent and inclusive? Hospitals have corporate fiduciary responsibilites to patients.  Their own administrative compliance affects their accreditation and licensure standards. What is the evidence base available, upon discovery, to determine how well the system works.

Outcome of care and shared responsibility should not be assumed to be working well at every institution that claims a high standard of care. Take the time to investigate the public statistics before you become one when choosing a health care facility. Health care errors and injuries do  occur more often than people realise and sometimes without the knowledge or involvement of a physician. Do not assume the physician responsible has actually examined the patient directly or checked to see that orders were followed.  Do not assume that teaching hospitals are more qualifed than other private facilities when in fact they may not live up to their advertising claims.

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