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Why Americans Must “Take Down the Flag”

April 17, 2012

Politicians want to enslave us. It’s as simple as that. There are many of us, however, who refuse to be lulled by their deceptive yet hypnotic practices. I am a messenger of God, but not the only one. We are working in plain sight to free our countrymen from the lies and deceptions of the adversaries.

I am prepared to stand against the masses in my argument that idolizing the flag of the United States is a blasphemy against God. America needs to hear this side of the story, see another side of the picture, taste the bitter truth along with the comfort of the status quo.

“Take Down the Flag, America,” is a rallying cry. The idol banner of Washington is a stumbling block, causing the children of Israel to fall into the same sin as the Nicolatians, committing idolatry and spiritual fornication. It is a plague upon the congregation repeating the actions recorded so vividly in Numbers 31:14 and Rev 2:14.

For decades, Americans have broken the Commandments handed down by God to Moses, by idolizing a piece of cloth, a flag, that they have placed in higher esteem than the word or spirit of God. It is forced conversion through deception. Americans who love and desire to obey the Word of God must remove the idol flag from its place of reverence.

The cornerstone of Washington’s government is George Washington the man, who came in flesh and laid his own cornerstone in a Masonic ceremony in the District of Columbia. He now sits on a throne in the U. S. Capitol on the ceiling dome, with his image openly declaring himself, God of the universe. An image that speaks if you can hear and understand the message.  All U.S. A. presidents who follow are his hirelings subject to his will in the war on saints.

”Take Down the Flag, America,” and remove the cornerstone of George Washington. It is reserved for the One who loves you and offers life and freedom.

Time is short; we don’t know if we will have a tomorrow. Today is the day of salvation. Remove the idols from your heart and home, America. Our Father God will not hear your prayers until you do.

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