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Sharia Law has arrived in Hillsborough County Fl. Circuit Court – Judge Richard Nielsen and ‘Ecclesiastical’ Sharia Law ruling?

April 8, 2012

Hillsborough Circuit Judge Richard Nielsen said that the two parties can seek guidance from the Koran to resolve their dispute, according to   Nielsen said that based on testimony, “under ecclesiastical law,” and pursuant to the Koran, “Islamic brothers should attempt to resolve a dispute among themselves.”

Like I said America, Sharia Law is coming to a court near you soon. Stop pledging the allegiance to the flag of Washington/Allah/ Lucifer. What training does this judge have in Sharia Law and where did he get the authority to give preference to Sharia Law? Is this part of the education of attorneys and judges now or just part of the agenda? Forced Conversion through legislation the M.O. of the adversary and god of forces. The court system has become a cruel joke and I am not laughing. I am shouting from the rooftops a warning while the church sleeps on singing Cum bi YAH my Lord and pledging allegiance to a false god thinking, He will hear from heaven.  I am crying and sighing over all these abominations. Oh Abba help them see to repent and be healed from their wrong conclusions so that you may heal this land according to your Word willing that none should perish. Yet they do for lack of knowledge.

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