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Take Down the Abomination of Desolation-My Declaration of Independence Address March 23, 2012 Take Down the Idol Flags America Campaign…

March 10, 2012

Florida’s Old Capitol, “Where the people rose up in a massive uprising to save it.”

My Declaration of Independence at Tallahasse March 23, 2012  o

I am challenging the Florida Legislature and every state to do the right thing and protect its citizens and visitors, specifically when it comes to their health care and freedom of choice. Protect the citizens of this country and their freedom; that is what you get paid to do.

Remember, it is,Our ‘right’ and ‘duty’ to throw off unjust government.

A direct quote from Canada Free Press reminds us that:

The Declaration of Independence states that our government derives its just – or lawful – powers from the “consent of the governed.” The underlying principle implied in the Declaration was that “We the People” are the true and rightful government of the United States, and as Abraham Lincoln declared in his Gettysburg Address, “government of the people by the people and for the people shall not perish from this earth.” Elected and appointed officials are managers selected to work on our behalf in order to accomplish our collective will. We do not, however, elect them to dictate what our will is, or should be. However, in the event that our government becomes one consisting of rulers rather than representatives, our government determined more than 200 years ago what our course of action should be. In the event that Americans find themselves at odds with their government, the Declaration tells us: “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their Safety and Happiness.”

It’s time to wake up and stand up America, against forced governmental decrees that are neither for the people or by the people. The battle is at the gate. Look  and you will see. We are being rounded up just like the original natives of this land were. History is being repeated, by lawless criminals hiding behind never ending laws enacted with the intent to strip away every freedom we have.

The only difference between then and now is that we the people are the natives!

If you cannot see that Sharia law is on the agenda and coming to a court near you soon, please visit my other website,

Real American patriots are those ready, willing and able to stand up and speak up , against forced governmental decrees- that are neither for the people or by the people. Real patriots stand with those brave enough to stand up and speak up- against injustice.

The real battle is not waged with physical, man-made weapons of war but with words. The battle is being waged at the gate of Truth, literally and figuratively. The lines are drawn. History is  repeating. We are being rounded up with force just like the original natives of this land were, by lawless political criminals- hiding behind never-ending laws enacted with intent. Intent to strip away every freedom we have and steal the land under our feet. The only difference between then and now is that- “We the people, are the natives!”

 Ancient hidden agendas  have been long at work, by powers and principalities in high places. Revealed by their own actions. Seek the truth, even the hard truth. Truth leads us to life and freedom.  Consider all of the evidence presented, and you will clearly see the deceptions and dangers we face. Fear not and stand tall.  It is time to separate from such oppression that seeks to take our freedom, destroy us and steal the land.  The battle is the same today as it’s always been. Separating the lie from the truth. The liar from the Spirit of Truth. What is Truth? Freedom, for which it stands, indivisible. Liberty and Justice.

There is ample evidence to convict this government or its agencies of treason against the people of this country and the world and crimes against humanity.  They convict themselves by their actions. We stand on the side of righteous rule of law, not legislative tyranny.

My Declaration of Independence at Tallahassee Florida March 23, 2012

Evidence for your consideration: New York State  Attorney Patricia Finn Harassed by NYS Ninth Judicial for Defending Victims of Vaccine Poison 2/2 Watch her statement:

  • Evidence: Masonic Obelisk in front of the Old Tallahasse Capitol. Tallahassee was already a seat of government for Neamathla and his followers from the Creek and Seminole nations. The name Tallahassee, in fact, was taken from one of the Native American villages already located in the area. “Capt. John Parkhill of Leon volunteers.  This monument is erected by his fellow citizens of Leon County, Florida, as a testimonial of their high esteem for his character and public services.” On the left side of the monument:  “The memory of the hero is the treasure of his country.” On the right side of the monument:  “He was born July 10, 1823 and was killed at Palm Hammock, in South Florida, while leading his company in a charge against the Seminole Indians.  November 28, A.D. 1857.”


I am already made free by the Truth. There is nothing mortal men can do- to take it from me.

I am a messenger crying and sighing over all these abominations, like a voice crying in the wilderness….

I stand with Ezekiel, who recorded this lament long ago, and John the Baptist.

I am a voice crying in the wilderness knowing the power of the Word in words.

Living energy and beauty hidden within.

The eyes of understanding and revealed…

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